People try to describe it all the time. They call it an inland sea. The Big Lake. A poets paradise, a sailor’s worthy adversary.

A border. A barrier. A beast.

And yet somehow all those ways of thinking’ about it – of trying to put a finger on it – came up just a little bit short. Gitche Gumee may be a particular kind of blue, but it defies explanation.


Luckily, there’s a difference between the lake we struggle to describe and the aquifer it feeds.


As this remarkable water makes its way through the Superior Basin, from deep within the earth to our exclusive source, it travels through undisturbed bedrock and glacial deposits. That leaves you with water that’s filtered, perfectly-pH’d, and mineralized by mother nature. Water sourced in accord with the Great Lakes Compact. Water that’s BPA- and BPS-free. Water that speaks for itself.


So while it may be hard to find the words for the place, you won’t be at a loss to describe to taste – Superior will do.



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